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Co-community Collaborative Designer

Dr. Robert Phillips is a product designer and currently a senior tutor on the Design Products Course at the Royal College of Art. His main interests lie in user interactions, responding to participant observations. During his PhD, he investigated the relationship between open design and citizen science, resulting in internationally taught methods at MIT, Goldsmiths, Cornell, the BBC and other organisations. He has worked in numerous design domains from mass manufacturing, material development, user engagement to ethnographic research. His focus is in social design and user centred interventions. He adores the term ‘Knotty Objects’ (coined by MIT), exploring the systems (nets) that are interrelated by products (knots) and people.

He creates user-orientated solutions and generates design workshops, using design approaches for commercial and academic situations. Clients have included: Puma, Upgrade Bikes (DMR), Samsung, TomTom, Marks and Spencer, Save the Children, Sonos, Visa, Nike, Visit England, The Royal Marines, The Victoria and Albert Museum, Intel, Google, Autodesk, Saucony, Quicksilver, Ribcap, Victorinox, Head, Snickers, Spyder, Musto, Casablanca, Ignite, The North Face, Capulet, Six Six One, Team GB athletes, MCC, Vans, BBC and others who have asked to remain confidential.