Where could this all go? Close up of design tasks and challenge sheets.

Researching the public’s response to open monitoring

The territories of Citizen Science, Open Design and Digital Manufacture present new opportunities for the public or laypersons to create personal sensing or environmental monitoring equipment. These activities rely on the access to parts and the knowledge to implement them. A drop-in workshop of five minutes was created and tested at different venues. The workshops tried to “humanise the technology” for easy engagement, researching the pitfalls, benefits and challenges of this territory.

Where could this all go? Respondents interact with design challenges.

The workshop gave participants a framework to select a human sense, as a technological analogy, and design a personal scenario responding to their personal use of sensing technologies. The findings were published and are available to download as a PDF [ get Adobe Acrobat reader free ].

Where could this all go? Respondents record feedback on challenges.