Images of school pupils in the UK engaging in design experiments.Using HCI and user centred design to
improve literacy

Developing the school’s approach to product design. Teaching skills, including: design critique, brief writing, analysing objects, ethnography, defining functionality, literacy, inclusive design and social connotations.

Students trying out different design challenges.

This process encouraged literacy, creativity, development of opinion, development of articulation and in the confidence of the participants.

This project culminated in a series of workshops, resulting in the children creating products with design sensibilities and designing a series of products for their school. The process advanced the literacy of the participants over the course of the project as they had to clearly articulate their concepts and intentions.

The teachers and children were also invited to put on a “pop-up” exhibition in the internationally recognised Towner Art Gallery.

“There was an amazing advancement in participants articulation and literacy after the start of the project”.
Primary school teacher, Eastbourne