Workshop training about disability using design.Design fostering engagement to educate about disability policies

Design workshops are now commonplace alongside co-design, participatory design and other means of collaboration. Workshops enable audiences to engage with live appropriate material.

Participants in a design-focussed disability workshop.

During the introduction of the Disability Discrimination Act 2005, a series of bespoke workshops were created to educate and train employees of the BBC. This project was created before actively engaging users in the design process was normalised, invigorating the organisation to make this type of activity commonplace.

Further activities for workshop participants exploring disability through design.

The workshops were created to develop their consideration of disability both in and out of the workplace in conjunction with the new legislation. The participants were in groups comprising 50 to 200 people of mixed ability and age. The image depicted is one of fifteen exercises addressing the needs of communication, clarity, feedback and inclusion. The output was a more embodied experience of how participants thought about disability issues as they were integrated and not siloed.

“An interesting approach that was far more engaging and thought-provoking than training”.
Employee and participant, BBC