Close up of mountain bike components Produced in the UK

Design for mass manufacture

Designing for a mountain bike manufacturer for the past 8 years where costs, parameters, materials and specifications are finite. The products have included: pedals, hardtail frames, suspension frames, grips, tyres, handle bars, stems, seat posts and chain rings. All of the products have improved quality, cost, performance and sales.

Images of a mountain bike with components Produced in the UK
Images courtesy of Upgrade Bikes

These high tolerance components are used in the National Championships for 4x, Cross-country, Trials, Freeride, Dirt jumping and Downhill events. The wide range of work has included end-to-end projects from conception to manufacture in Taiwan using a wide variety of production processes. Some of the solutions have combined simple products to reduce stock and costs.

Close up image of mountain bike pedals, Produced in the UK

“Overall, I’m very impressed with Vaults and with a price that puts them well below the main competition while competing head on with performance, the DMR Vault pedals definitely get the seal of approval”. Journalist, Mountain Bike UK

“The middle of the pedal looks really similar to the V8 design, which is a really nice touch, showing once again how this is a totally unique DMR designed product”.
Journalist, Ride street magazine

“These stunning flat pedals first impressions really count, and they certainly have the wow factor !” Journalist, Dirt magazine

Close up of mountain bike components including forks, Produced in the UK

“Basically it’s the most versatile chain device we’ve seen and it comes in a whole load of colours for a pretty sensible price”.
Journalist, Dirt mountain bike magazine

“The clever thing about the VIRAL is that it can be bought in two stages, upper and lower separately, this means you don’t need to buy two chain guides”.
Journalist, Core bike show

“The Bolt [Long] is a finely crafted, heart-warming, non-conformist, good- for-the-soul ragger… 5 out of 5 stars”.
Journalist, Bike Radar

Image of a mountain biker going downhill, with Produced in the UK components