Close of up d3o material.

Impact reactive materials for sports applications

d3o is a rate sensitive material, when it is struck or under impact it spreads the load of the strike over a wider area reducing forces and damage. This material has many applications that are still being actively developed. The design team worked with international Olympic athletes, key players from the world of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and emergency services. Each intervention relied on not just the material but the direct forming, lamination and material composite for optimum performance.

Close up of orange and white d3o Material Technology Impact reactive materials for sports applications.

This type of work relied on continuous field-testing from the users, working in teams with engineers, textile experts, operatives and designers. All of the projects adhered to strict international standards, whilst maintaining brand value in a competitive market.

Putting d3o through its paces in sporting activities outdoors - reactive materials for sports applications.

Riot/hostile situation apparel

Utilising a material to work in dedicated riot control situations. The products had to have maximum function with minimum restriction to the officers wearing it but remain within strict performance requirements. The project required extensive field-testing and simulation of scenarios for internationally based officers. This included simulated riots and reviewing the officers’ training for these situations.

Putting d3o through its paces in riot situations - reactive materials for sports applications.

The simulated riot events used actors and participants to create real world testing situations that are akin to real life events. These solutions informed protection for national sports teams representing Great Britain at international level, including the Parcour team, downhill ski team, mountain bike team and bobsled team, and premiered at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.

Putting d3o through its paces in extreme sports situations - reactive materials for sports applications.
Images courtesy of d3o

“It protects, supports and does not restrict me from movement. This is critical when faced with explosive environments”.
Police staff, Brussels

“It is hard to explain: it just fits, performs and operates to the highest standards”.
Team GB